10th Presentation Home Décor Sabah 2011

“Provide a complete platform for one stop renovation & solution centre for homeowners”……

The leading East Malaysia Home Show 2011, with bright idea is back again for its 10th Edition event held in Kota Kinabalu as the market leader, maintaining its position as the highest number of participants from outside of Sabah; best known as the Home & Property Show with strong purchasing power of the consumer public in East Malaysia.

With a successful track record over the last (12) years. Home & Décor Sabah has consistent proven and established itself as a platform in generating a visitorship of house – proud and affluent home makers that buy. It has also retained its position as a premier event serve as a focus point for professional and players in the industry. It provide the avenue home owners to enhance market awareness and create opportunity for all.

sumber : http://www.imshl.com

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